Groundbreaking Eye Scanning for

  • Movie Studios (Visual Effects/Digital Doubles)

  • Game Development Studios (Character Design and Motion Capture)

  • Virtual Reality Studios (Human Avatars)

  • Social Media Brands (AI Human Models)


If you are a Digital Human Animator for movies, games or mixed reality, you know that authentic eyes are the magic that adds non-verbal realism and emotion to your 3D characters, but they are really, … REALLY … hard to get right.
— Jeroen Snepvangers, Co-founder

Introducing eye3D scan and construction technology

  • Authentic and anatomically correct eyes

  • Real eye data to save time and to remove the guess work

  • Celebrate the uniqueness of your characters’ eyes - no more tweaking the same eye

  • Natural placement of eyes in the face with correct binocular point-of-gaze

This is a demo of Transfolio scanned digital eyes, that were animated (blinking and pupil dilation) using Faceware Technology's face tracking software (inset is recorded eye movement) rendered in realtime in Unreal Engine.


Download eyeMoji App

Download the eyeMoji app in the App Store. See eye3D eyes in Unreal on iPhone.

eyeMoji - Giving eyes a voice

So you want to “roll your eyes” to your friend. Create and share an eyeMoji using this app.

It is simple. Open the eyeMoji app. The eye avatar will look at you and copy your exact movements. Record a 3-second meme and share it with your friends.

We developed this to show one sample application of how to use our realistic eyes. The eyes were captured using our patented eye3D technology. Download the app and check it out.

Requirements and Credits

eyeMoji facetracking requires an TrueDepth front-facing camera, available on iPhone X, XR, XS and XS Max, as well as iPad Pro - 3rd generation.

Special thanks to:


How to order eye3D

Choose one of these ways to implement eye3D in your own 3D productions:


eye3D as a Service

Hire our experts to scan at any location


eye3D Scanner Lease

Scan anytime with eye3D onsite

Service (Schedule a Shoot)

Many game, VFX, XR and production studios, update their hero eyes periodically or for an upcoming large project. In this case, when you only need the eye3D eye scanner occasionally, we would recommend hiring our experts to come out to your shoot location as a service.

Lease (Acquire a Device)

Some game, VFX, XR and production studios, scan eyes for digital humans continuously. In this case, when you expect to scan a high quantity of characters, we would recommend to lease or purchase a license for the eye3D eye scanner and keep it at your studio onsite.